An Honest Conversation About Mental Health, via WPP AUNZ

In honor of Mental Health Month in Australia, H+K Australia CEO, Mandy Galmes, speaks to WPP AUNZ’s Hayley Westoby about her own mental health journey.

Mandy is joined by her dog Banjo, as she shares how her journey has helped her approach leadership with a more compassionate and empathetic mindset.

Mandy talks about the importance of compassion and allowing moments as a leader to take a softer approach. She explains that empathy and compassion are essential when it comes to leading through 2020, and dives into her thoughts around where the responsibility of a leader lies when discussing and managing your people’s mental health. Mandy regularly exercises to enter a meditative state, and her evening routine of yoga practice allows her to clear her mind before bed.

She believes that your mental health management mechanisms are built through experience and figuring out what works and what doesn’t, and that people need to allow time to listen actively, not just listening to respond or problem solve. Mandy believes that we need to change the dialogue around sick days, and reminds us that we shouldn’t be ashamed to take a sick day if we feel mentally unwell.

by Mandy Galmes, CEO, Australia Brisbane


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