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It’s not every day that you choose to leave your own company because of how much another leader inspires you; however, that’s exactly what happened after I met H+K’s very own Avra Lorrimer. The first conversation I had with Avra, before joining H+K, was a lot like the conversation I had with Avra earlier this month, pragmatic yet filled with positivity about the opportunities that lay ahead.

Despite her essentially doing the work of an eight-person team on her own, whenever we spoke throughout my interview process, she was always present, transparent about the challenges our team had ahead of us, but also genuinely optimistic and excited about the opportunity and potential impact our work could have.

Today, Avra remains a consistent, clear and committed leader who equips her team with both direction and freedom. She challenges our team to eradicate silos, to collaborate and share resources widely and demonstrates how to carve a path forward even when challenges seem unsurmountable.

Avra is an inspiration and a great example of a leader you can get behind as she models the behavior she wants to see in her team.  She is positive, supportive and encourages accountability, and she works hard, while also understanding the value of taking time off to recharge. As a member of Avra’s team, I am confident that I will be given the tools to be successful and that I will also be given the latitude to learn, experiment and deliver. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I will be given guidance and feedback early and often.

People work for leadership that they can believe in and are inspired by. I feel privileged to have joined H+K and to work under a team leader like Avra as I couldn’t be more excited for the learning and growth that remains in store.

By Loren Cobbs

The Power of Inspiration

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