Contraception Awareness Campaign!

Hill + Knowlton Strategies Athens was assigned by Bayer-Women Healthcare Department in January 2012 to design and implement a holistic communications campaign about Contraception in the Greek market. The campaign had a dual objective: To educate women about contraception in general and in specific to demystificate the oral contraception pill usage, that has a very low penetration in Greece Vs European Union countries.
H+K developed the main campaign message with the title “Choose your attitude: Contraception or Insecurity”, which was applied in all communications materials. The innovation of the campaign mainly consisted of a series of witty viral videos production, which built awareness and maximized traffic at the portal, the main education hub for contraception on line, developed by the agency as well. This activity had a huge impact, generating 1,600,000 YouTube views so far.
H+K Strategies also created the following assets for the campaign:
1. Two main categories of ambassadors:
a) 1st ObGyn Clinic, University of Athens, Alexandra Hospital and Professor Aristides Antsaklis, as the scientific spokesperson
b) The « Action Team », three inspirational ambassadors acting as role-models for young women, including pop singer Tamta, radio producer & blogger Mary Synatsaki & TV hostess Ania Prelevic
c) Social media communities (Facebook, You Tube) & digital applications
d) Traditional & Digital media campaigns (including Google)
e) Sponsorships of festivals appealing to younger audiences, ie Mad Music Awards, Fringe.
f) Events, escalating at the World Contraception Day in September, 26, with a big open concert in the Mall Athens.
The campaign up to the moment has an impressive flow, resulting to date in 12.000.000 impressions.