Crisis Management Award

H+K Strategies received the Gold Award in the “Communication Crisis Management” category during the ceremony of the “Corporate Affairs Excellence Awards”, organized by the Department of Corporate Affairs of the Greek Management Association (EEDE). The prize involved a crisis management program implemented by the agency, as part of its cooperation with Nestlé.

In July 2012 a precautionary product recall in France resulted in a few hours to a big reproduction of the specific news in the Greek social media. Via the innovative H+K service, Radar, which listens and reflects discussions in digital environment, Nestlé Hellas informed consumers directly through all communication channels, that the specific product nor a similar one, are distributed in the Greek market. Particular emphasis was given to the dissemination of company’s announcement in the social media, via digital influencers .

Ms. Angeliki Papadopoulou, Corporate Affairs Manager of Nestlé Hellas, commented after receiving the award: “Today’s award is a tangible proof that Nestlé Hellas not only listens to the Greek consumer, but has fully adapted to the new environment where communication occurs at multiple levels. Social media have brought significant changes in the management of a crisis, in terms of time and geographical boundaries, and a company must be prepared: to have the necessary tools and the right network. Our priority in Nestle is to be close to the consumer, listen to him and respond timely and responsibly”.