Nestle Healthy Kids

The results of the program by Harokopeio University “Assessment of Physique, Nutritional Habits and Physical Activity”, which was materialized with the support of Nestlé Hellas, were presented within an event for media representatives, organized by H+K Strategies Athens.

The objective of this year’s program was the annual monitoring of important health indicators of pupils, aiming at making conclusions about and forming, along with the proper authorities, policies for the improvement of children’s health. For the school year 2011-2012, the program addressed third grade pupils of almost all elementary schools of Greece, reaching about 60,000 kids and their families, and resulted to significant findings. The specific program was initiated in 2007 by Yannis Ioannides, Deputy Minister of Sports at the time, and has since then been materialized under the supervision of Lampros Syntossis, Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics at Harokopeio University, and this year was supported by Nestlé Hellas, within the company’s global “Healthy Kids” initiative. Convinced that education is the most effective tool so as for children to realize the value of balanced nutrition and physical activity, Nestlé Hellas for the fourth year in a row supported programs aiming at the nutritional education of the new generation.

On the occasion of the event, Laurent Dereux, CEO, Nestlé Hellas, commented: “We believe that the program ‘Assessment of Physique, Nutritional Habits and Physical Activity’, designed by Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics Lab of Harokopeio University, is a unique effort for Greece, and we are particularly proud to be able to support it. Nutritional education of younger generations is a major commitment of Nestlé internationally and in Greece, and we promise to continu
e supporting initiatives that aim to make a difference among us and our children, for a better and healthier future”.