Q&A with PRovoke17 Panelist Jeanniey Mullen, CMO of Mercer

In advance of our PRovoke17 panel “Navigating Change in a New Reality,” we spoke with panelist Jeanniey Mullen (Global CMO, Mercer) about real-time communication, leveraging brand ambassadors, and what she’s most looking forward to at the summit. 

How has our new reality of quicker and constant communication effected how we operate as consultants?

In a world that is always-on, staying ahead of and engaged in communications effectively requires a strong strategy and some smart investments in technology.

Jeanniey Mullen

Technology can assist us with staying on top of trends, seeking out the most important messages and social sentiment and enabling us to post and share our opinions at critical times. But technology alone is not enough. Consultants need to have a much broader media and communications multi-faceted strategy.  This strategy needs to address traditional methods of communications (websites, blogs, PR and media) as well as social venues that are more sentiment based. We need to strive to capture, analyse and collect data in real-time in order to determine the most impactful message and media needed to respond.

Does our new reality of disruption and inevitable change affect your strategy of ‘Marketing from the Inside Out’—using your employees as the ultimate brand ambassadors?

Disruption and change are the exact reasons that every Company must Market from the Inside Out. In a world of rapid technological growth, we cannot compete with the speed of change. Additionally, we cannot outspend mammoth competitors. That said, no matter how big the change or disruption there is one constant: People Your people are your biggest asset today and in the future. Leveraging them as brand ambassadors enables you to create and maintain a competitive edge.   

In a world of rapid technological growth, we cannot compete with the speed of change.

 What are you most looking forward to discussing at the PRovoke Summit?

I am really looking forward to hearing the perspectives that people at the conference will bring to the table. The fact is change impacts us and our businesses on so many levels. Geographically, Demographically and Technologically – and many times, understanding the perspectives that others bring to the table regarding how they see and are managing through change helps broaden your perspective. I am sure I am going to leave this summit bursting with new perspectives and new ideas to apply at Mercer.

To learn more about our panel at PRovoke17, click here.

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