New Trends In the Always On World!

In our always-on world, the constant barrage of news can be overwhelming. To help, we’ve decided to introduce a monthly roundup of trends and stories we find to be important and interesting. This month, Twitter gets a makeover with a new and “evolved” character count, while Snapchat democratizes its geofilters. The mindfulness trend is becoming more nuanced, television and streaming seem to be hitting their stride, and Broadway’s most popular musical teaches marketers an important lesson.

What’s in a Tweet?

Twitter has held fast to its 140 word-count since inception, but will soon exclude images and URLs from this limit. Though this may seem like a small allowance, it is significant in its departure from Twitter’s previously inflexible stance on the count. The hope is that this change will enrich the content on Twitter, with more users adding in these “free” extras and fewer people sacrificing words and meaning to fit within the limit. More flexibility and the ability to supply richer content means marketers can do more with a tweet.

Snap-Shopping and Pay to Play

Earlier this year, Snapchat announced that it will add shopping to its channels feature. We are still waiting to see the end result, but in the meantime the photo-video messaging app launched another feature. Snapchat will now allow anyone to pay to design their own geofilter. Many colleges have already built their own filters and the announcement holds interesting new possibilities for marketing sporting events, concerts, and the like – especially with the 2016 Summer Olympics just around the corner.

Mindfulness vs. Meditation

While articles about mindfulness and meditation are still prevalent in many health and wellness magazines, some feel that the trend has jumped the shark. Others argue the topic simply requires a more nuanced look. Simple practices such as deep breathing can go a long way and lead to a healthier relationship with work. For now, don’t see this trend fading, especially in the workplace.

The Television Revolution Continues  

Streaming is becoming mainstream – and fast. The BBC just announced plans to launch a streaming service called Britflix, and Hulu has announced that it will begin streaming broadcast and cable channels early next year. In other news, NBC is cutting commercials during “Saturday Night Live” by 30 percent. Commercials that air will be exclusively “branded content” from advertisers who partner with the show. We can’t help but wonder what effect streaming services – such as Netflix, which does not run any commercials – had on this decision.

The #Ham4Ham Brand

Tickets for runaway Broadway hit Hamilton are sold out for the foreseeable future and any resale tickets are going for exorbitant – even alienating – prices. And yet,Hamilton has cleverly maintained its cult following and strong social media base (#Ham4Ham). By holding a weekly lottery for tickets, complete with a free, public mini sidewalk show by cast members (that’s streamed online), creator Lin-Manuel Miranda engages a broader audience and continues to build a remarkable brand – marketers, take note!

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