UN Women and H+K Mexico Put Men in Women’s Shoes with the “Not a Manly Behavior” Campaign

Their stellar work was just recognized with multiple notable awards, including a Stevie Award for Women in Business for NGO Campaign of the Year, an Eikon Award for Best Marketing Social Campaign and was shortlisted for a Latin America PR Excellence Award

87.7% percent of women in Mexico City feel unsafe while using public transportation. The objective of this campaign was to educate the public and generate awareness around this issue, while promoting the prevention of sexual harassment in the city’s public transportation.

In a country where sexual harassment affects most women and girls’ lives, the campaign put men in “women’s shoes”. Two social experiments were conducted and documented. In just a few hours, the videos went viral in Mexico and several countries around the world. Check them out!

#1 The Penis Seat Experiment

#2 The Screen Experiment: Men on the subway screens of Mexico City

“Every day we work on a variety of campaigns for a variety of corporate clients, consumer and health brands. Being part of this campaign gave us a different kind of rewarding feeling. We were able to be part of something bigger, something that made us feel that we were adding value and working for a new culture, for a change affecting the way we think and do things. Being part of this movement today is more important than ever, so the recently announced Stevie Award and all other recognitions make us feel even happier!” Mariana Tuis, Executive VP Technology, H+K Mexico.

Developed in partnership with J. Walter Thompson Mexico, the campaign generated:

  • 30 million+ YouTube views
  • Facebook: 1,000+ shares
  • Twitter: 117 million impressions+ 4,000+ tweets, 3,000+ retweets
  • 300 million+ impressions in traditional media, equivalent to impact the entire Mexican population twice and Mexican internet users 44+ times
  • More than US$ 11 million in advertising value

by H+K LATAM | November 21, 2018 | @ http://www.hkstrategies.com/global/en/un-women-hk-mexico-put-men-in-womens-shoes-anti-sexual-harrasment-campaign/

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