Care Minister, Helen Whately, recently found out the consequences of not being virtually media trained. Many of us will have seen the picture of her laughing on GMB next to a shot of presenter Piers Morgan holding up a newspaper headline about 4,000 people dying in care homes. Those who watched the interview will know Whately was laughing out of frustration that she couldn’t see what Morgan was holding up. But the resulting image – widely circulated in the media and online – looked like she was laughing at the fact 4,000 people had died in care homes. Morgan has been criticised for the tone and approach of the interview, but that picture will live online forever.

We’re playing by a different set of rules now when it comes to giving media interviews, and this extends to chairing a virtual meeting or giving a virtual presentation. We can support executives in mastering the new rules, which may last long after COVID-19 has passed. For more information, contact Director of Training, Louise Hannah, at