The Weekly Five Pointer: Men Dressed as Car Seats, Reality Shows, New Phones and Other Big Things

So you don’t have a record setting cat. And you definitely don’t have two.  Take solace in the fact that the most famous monkey selfie ever taken may actually help a few monkeys, you’re never too old to be a hero and we at H+K are here, on the record, with five more cool stories that caught our eye this week.

IBM’s Watson has dominated at Jeopardy, played Chess, is working on reading millions of pages of medical journals. Now it can add Tennis aficionado to its resume. At the latest Tennis Open the smart computer was involved with choosing each and every video clip showcasing the game’s highlights. When fans talked to their smartphones to ask who was playing that day, or any questions about the last 12 years of Tennis data for that matter. Watson was involved in that to. It’s just the latest in a growing list of tasks for the technology.

Facebook is following up its successful “Ball in the Family” reality show—which follows around basketball dad Lavar Ball and his family– with more original sports content. This time, with “No Script” a new reality TV show revolving around Oakland Raiders running back and notorious Skittles lover Marshawn Lynch. The show will launch in September with eight short episodes as Lynch learns to drive racecars and other antics.

Ford Motor Co. put a man in a car seat and then disguised him as a car seat to research self-driving. There are no typos in that sentence. Having a man dress up as a car seat and drive around town was the only way they could evaluate how passerbys, bicyclists and other drivers reacted to sharing a the road with an autonomous vehicle (without actually deploying an autonomous vehicle). The test is apart of their efforts to develop their own autonomous vehicle in a safe and user-friendly way.

Huawei, the Chinese phone maker, is getting ready to debut their newest addition to the smartphone world on September 22. The company issued a teaser image on the social media site Weibo too much fanfare and speculation. The company has grown traction in the Smartphone arena, and tech fans will be glued to the Internet to see what the company has in store.

Coca-Cola coffee is now a thing. That’s right. The drink-maker released “Coca-Cola Coffee Plus” this week in Japan. The drink has 50% more caffeine than coke and 50% fewer calories. Look out for it in vending machines on your next trip to Tokyo.


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